Mozambique’s most sought after holiday destinations including IBO Island, etc

Planning to venture out somewhere in Africa? Then Mozambique is certainly a highly recommended destination especially from June to September of a year. Located in southeast Africa, Mozambique is a terrific get away for all the newly weds and adventurers. 

Ibo island is one of the main attractions followed by the Quirimba Archipelago Island which definitely should not be missed. The African safari offered at Gorongosa National Park, leaves an overwhelming feeling within the tourists. Mozambique provides the luxury of beach lodges and hiring of yacht to sail by the Quirimba’s Achipelago.

Here is a map on how to get to Quirimba’s Achipelago 

Mozambique Holiday Packages


The main hotel at Mozambique’s Ibo island is a well preserved ancient 300 year old architectural building. Couples can indulge in luxurious spa, massage, enjoy a nice swim, romantic isolated dinners and many more options to enhance their romance.The destination of Mozambique, is not only fit for the couples but also for the children. It offers various activities for the children such as scuba diving, safari, horse riding and even interaction with the locals.

The exotic get away sounds like a pinch to your pocket? The good news is that, the lodges offer various types of packages which may tailor your needs without exceeding your budget. Mozambique provides absolute surety of a good time within one’s budget. Not only is Mozambique filled with destination worth enjoying luxuriously, but its wind has stories to tell from the history about pirates and various invasion it witnessed. The tranquil shores have visitors wanting to revisit all over again. 

Here are the few highly recommended destination one must surely visit. . Zambia, Malawai and Mozambique adventures which are the friendly neighbours of Mozambique.. Maputo – for exotic spicy and sensuous seafood. It also provides a great night life to put your hair down and swing away to the music. Gorongosa National Park – for the well experienced safari.. Bazaruto Achipelago – for the luxurious beach which largely spread and the clear sand. . Vilanculos – an opening to Bazaruto and it’s eye catching marine life which should be missed .

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